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This page allows you to browse all currently defined policies. Below you will be shown policies ordered by title and policy code in lots of 40 . To view a policy in full, simply click on the policy title.

There are currently 180 defined policies in the system.

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#: Policy Code: Title:
1. hr127  Academic Leadership Roles in Faculties 
2. ac002  Academic Prizes 
3. hr175  Academic Staff Performance Expectations and Outcomes Framework 
4. hr124  Academic Staff Promotion Policy 
5. hr072  Academic Study Leave Policy 
6. rm007  Acceptance of Gifts by ECU Staff 
7. ac070  Access to Information Relating to ECU Staff and/or Students for Research Purposes 
8. hr023  Access to Personal Files 
9. ad061  Accumulated Operating Surpluses 
10. ac065  Admissions 
11. ac059  Advanced Standing 
12. ad032  Advertising Policy 
13. fs020  Alcohol on Campus 
14. hr152  Appointment – Emeritus Professor, Honorary, Adjunct & Visiting Academic Staff 
15. ad053  Asset Management and Disposal 
16. ac073  Authorship, Publication of Research, and Peer Review 
17. ad046  Banking and Receipting 
18. ac054  Board of Examiners Policy 
19. rm005  Business Continuity Management 
20. ad048  Cabcharge 
21. ac098  Candidature Management of Higher Degree by Research Candidates 
22. ad080  Cash and Cheque – Collection, Handling and Banking 
23. hr096  Children in the Workplace 
24. hr117  Code of Conduct 
25. rm004  Compliance Policy 
26. ac023  Conduct of Ethical Human Research 
27. ac025  Conduct of Ethical Research and Teaching Involving Animals 
28. ac060  Conferral and Presentation of Academic Awards 
29. rm009  Conflicts of Interest 
30. hr104  Consultancy Policy 
31. fs032  Contractor's Policy 
32. ad051  Copyright - E-Reserve Policy 
33. ad021  Corporate Governance Statement 
34. hr120  Counteroffers 
35. ac093  Course and Unit Delivery and Assessment 
36. ac094  Course and Unit Evaluation and Review 
37. ad024  Creation and Management of Contracts 
38. rm003  Critical Incident Management 
39. ac086  Curriculum Approval Policy 
40. ac095  Curriculum Planning and Development