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This page allows you to browse all currently defined policies. Below you will be shown policies ordered by title and policy code in lots of 40 . To view a policy in full, simply click on the policy title.

There are currently 178 defined policies in the system.

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#: Policy Code: Title:
81. ad058  Investment 
82. ad044  Joint Arrangements 
83. ac097  Joint Doctor of Philosophy Programs 
84. ac038  Jointly-Badged Awards 
85. ac067  Library Collection Policy 
86. fs001  Mail 
87. hr129  Management for Performance System (MPS) 
88. ac090  Management of Research Candidature in Bachelor of Honours Degrees 
89. ad055  Management of Student Loans 
90. ad045  Management of Trade Credit and Receivables 
91. hr143  Managing Violence in the Workplace 
92. ad078  Media Policy 
93. fs011  Miscellaneous Room Bookings 
94. hr153  Misconduct and Serious Misconduct - General Staff 
95. ci004  Multifaith Chaplaincy Service 
96. ad015  Naming 
97. hr102  Noise Management 
98. ad056  Nominations For Appointment To Council, Boards And Committees Of Council 
99. ad064  Official Edith Cowan University Portraits 
100. ac096  Open Access to Research 
101. hr113  Organisation Structure and Position Establishment 
102. ad091  OS-HELP Loan Scheme Policy 
103. hr156  Parental Leave 
104. fs013  Parking and Traffic Management on Campus 
105. hr101  Personal Protective Equipment 
106. ad063  Policy Framework 
107. ac035  Post-nominals 
108. ac063  Postgraduate Research: Thesis with Publication 
109. ac055  Posthumous Conferral of an Award 
110. hr174  Pregnancy and Breastfeeding at Work 
111. hr013  Prevention of Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination 
112. ad072  Pricing 
113. ad067  Privacy Policy 
114. hr076  Probation Policy - All Staff 
115. ac043  Professional Development for Tertiary Teachers 
116. ad083  Prospect Clearance 
117. rm008  Public Complaints Policy 
118. hr130  Purchase and Use of Mobile Telephones and other Subscriber Devices 
119. ci005  Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Country 
120. ac059  Recognition of Prior Learning - Please See Advanced Standing Policy