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This page allows you to browse all currently defined policies. Below you will be shown policies ordered by title and policy code in lots of 40 . To view a policy in full, simply click on the policy title.

There are currently 177 defined policies in the system.

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#: Policy Code: Title:
121. hr076  Probation Policy - All Staff 
122. hr081  Work Health and Safety 
123. hr083  Smoke-Free University 
124. hr096  Children in the Workplace 
125. hr098  Workers' Compensation and Injury Management 
126. hr099  Employee Assistance Program 
127. hr100  Hazardous Manual Tasks 
128. hr101  Personal Protective Equipment 
129. hr102  Noise Management 
130. hr104  Consultancy Policy 
131. hr106  Infection Control 
132. hr113  Organisation Structure and Position Establishment 
133. hr115  First Aid 
134. hr116  Hazardous Chemicals 
135. hr117  Code of Conduct 
136. hr120  Counteroffers 
137. hr121  Salary Packaging 
138. hr124  Academic Staff Promotion Policy 
139. hr127  Academic Leadership Roles in Faculties 
140. hr128  Remuneration - Application of Market Related Salary Loadings 
141. hr129  Management for Performance System (MPS) 
142. hr130  Purchase and Use of Mobile Telephones and other Subscriber Devices 
143. hr131  Recruitment, Selection and Appointment 
144. hr132  Senior Staff Performance Payments Scheme 
145. hr143  Managing Violence in the Workplace 
146. hr147  Grievance Resolution 
147. hr151  Vice-Chancellor - Performance Management 
148. hr152  Appointment – Emeritus Professor, Honorary, Adjunct & Visiting Academic Staff 
149. hr153  Misconduct and Serious Misconduct - General Staff 
150. hr154  Unsatisfactory Performance - Professional Staff 
151. hr156  Parental Leave 
152. hr158  Working Offshore 
153. hr167  Supported Wage Employees 
154. hr168  Internal Temporary Appointments 
155. hr169  Staff Clearance Form 
156. hr170  Temporary Special Allowance (TSA) 
157. hr171  Working With Children Check and Child Protection 
158. hr172  Vice-Chancellors Staff Awards 
159. hr173  Ergonomics 
160. hr174  Pregnancy and Breastfeeding at Work