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This page allows you to browse all currently defined policies. Below you will be shown policies ordered by title and policy code in lots of 40 . To view a policy in full, simply click on the policy title.

There are currently 178 defined policies in the system.

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#: Policy Code: Title:
41. ac095  Curriculum Planning and Development 
42. ac096  Open Access to Research 
43. ac097  Joint Doctor of Philosophy Programs 
44. ac098  Candidature Management of Higher Degree by Research Candidates 
45. ac099  Scholarships 
46. ac100  Work Integrated Learning (WIL) 
47. ad015  Naming 
48. ad021  Corporate Governance Statement 
49. ad022  Records Management 
50. ad024  Creation and Management of Contracts 
51. ad027  Travel 
52. ad032  Advertising Policy 
53. ad041  University Credit Card 
54. ad044  Joint Arrangements 
55. ad045  Management of Trade Credit and Receivables 
56. ad046  Banking and Receipting 
57. ad051  Copyright - E-Reserve Policy 
58. AD052  Timetabling and Room Allocation Policy 
59. ad053  Asset Management and Disposal 
60. ad055  Management of Student Loans 
61. ad056  Nominations For Appointment To Council, Boards And Committees Of Council 
62. ad057  Student Fee Sponsorship 
63. ad058  Investment 
64. ad059  Internal Loans 
65. ad060  Treasury Policy 
66. ad061  Accumulated Operating Surpluses 
67. ad062  Tuition Unit and Incidental Fee Setting 
68. ad063  Policy Framework 
69. ad064  Official Edith Cowan University Portraits 
70. ad065  Staff Reimbursement Policy 
71. ad066  Student Reimbursement Policy 
72. ad067  Privacy Policy 
73. ad069  Survey Policy 
74. ad070  Refund of Student Credit Balances 
75. ad072  Pricing 
76. ad074  Graduation Ceremony Attendance Policy 
77. ad076  Remission Of Tuition Fees 
78. ad077  International Students Emergency Loan Policy 
79. ad078  Media Policy 
80. ad079  Strategic Asset Management