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This page allows you to browse all currently defined policies. Below you will be shown policies ordered by title and policy code in lots of 40 . To view a policy in full, simply click on the policy title.

There are currently 180 defined policies in the system.

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#: Policy Code: Title:
161. ad060  Treasury Policy 
162. ad062  Tuition Unit Fee Setting 
163. ad041  University Credit Card 
164. ac071  University Medal and Faculty Medals 
165. fs038  University Premises Leases/Licenses 
166. ac072  University Research Medal and Faculty Research Medal 
167. ad086  University Services Charge 
168. fs025  University Sporting Clubs 
169. hr154  Unsatisfactory Performance - Professional Staff 
170. fs031  Vehicles - University and Private Vehicles - Staff and Student Use of 
171. hr151  Vice-Chancellor - Performance Management 
172. ac048  Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching 
173. sa009  Vice-Chancellor's Student Awards 
174. hr172  Vice-Chancellors Staff Awards 
175. ad031  Visual Branding Policy 
176. it045  Web Content Management 
177. hr081  Work Health and Safety 
178. hr098  Workers' Compensation and Injury Management 
179. hr158  Working Offshore 
180. hr171  Working With Children Check and Child Protection