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Professor Lynne Cohen

Professor Cohen’s background is in school teaching where she was head of the Biology and Mathematics departments at the Holy Rosary Convent in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was Professor in the School of Psychology and Social Science at ECU. She has extensive experience in working with children with learning difficulties.

With a background in education, she has been involved in developing a teaching literacy and numeracy program for children. In addition, she has trained and led a team of professionals in providing services for children with learning difficulties. She was awarded an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Fellowship in 2010 and received an Australian National Award for Excellence in Teaching.

She has successfully developed transition programs which empower students and positively impacts on their experience and outcomes.  She has led a number of interdisciplinary research teams and is committed to a collaborative model involving community organisations.  Together with colleagues, she was instrumental in establishing the Lifespan Resilience Research group at ECU.

She is a community psychologist as well as an applied social psychologist. She researches in the area of developing resilience across the lifespan and issues in higher education and. She was chief editor of the Australian Community Psychologist, the Journal of the College of Community Psychologists. She is currently the Executive Dean of the School of Education at ECU.

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