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2009 Academic staff promotions

Friday, 11 September 2009


Many of you would be are aware of the rigorous evaluation academic staff are faced with during the annual process for promotion.  The standard of applications this year has been strong and all applicants are to be congratulated on their contributions to ECU at their various levels.

It is my privilege to announce the names of 33 staff members who have been successful in the 2009 Academic Promotions round.  These are:

From Lecturer (Level A) to Lecturer (Level B)

Faculty of Computing, Health and Science:

  • Bronwyn Harman
  • Kristina Lemson

Faculty of Education and Arts:

  • Duncan Barnes
  • Pippa Nelligan

From Lecturer (Level B) to Senior Lecturer (Level C)

Faculty of Business and Law:

  • Paul Jackson
  • Robert Powell
  • Maria Ryan

Faculty of Computing, Health and Science:

  • Leisa Armstrong
  • Andrew Baumanis
  • Judith Clayden
  • Justine Dandy
  • Andrew Guilfoyle
  • Jonathan Mould
  • Michael Newton
  • Anna Targowska
  • David Veal
  • Jitian Xiao

Faculty of Education and Arts:

  • Panizza Allmark
  • Kayt Davies
  • Eva Dobozy
  • Janet Fellowes
  • Julia Moody
  • Jonathan Paget
  • Marcella Polain
  • Diane Slade

From Senior Lecturer (Level C) to Associate Professor (Level D)

Faculty of Business and Law:

  • Maryam Omari

Faculty of Computing, Health and Science:

  • Richard Brightwell
  • Stephen Hinckley

Faculty of Education and Arts:

  • Trevor Cullen
  • Rod Giblett
  • Maggi Phillips
  • Andrew Smith

Faculty of Regional Professional Studies:

  • Robyn McCarron

I congratulate our colleagues on being promoted and on their fine achievements. There are staff members who were not as successful in their application for promotion at this time. To those applicants, I whole-heartedly encourage you to seek honest and constructive feedback to facilitate realisation of your potential and to improve your prospects for promotion in the future. You have not achieved promotion on this occasion, but you are all fine contributors to our University and I wish you success in developing a stronger application in subsequent years.

Professor Kerry O. Cox *

* Professor Kerry Cox was Vice-Chancellor of Edith Cowan University from March 2006 to September 2014.

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