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Craig Valli promoted to Professor

Friday, 04 December 2009


It is my privilege to announce that Craig Valli is now a Professor.

For promotion, an applicant has to provide evidence that they are already performing at the level to which they seek promotion. This is a demanding requirement and is different to the evaluation that is conducted when candidates apply for appointment to a more senior position. In this latter case, the Committee will make a judgement about whether a candidate could perform reliably at the higher level if given the chance to do so.

In this recent round of promotions (as opposed to appointment) to Level E, some applicants who are excellent staff members did not provide the evidence to show they were already performing at the higher level. I would encourage these applicants to seek feedback regarding their application.

To Professor Valli, I offer congratulations from the ECU Community on your fine achievements and I wish you on-going success.

Professor Kerry O. Cox *

* Professor Kerry Cox was Vice-Chancellor of Edith Cowan University from March 2006 to September 2014.

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