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Congratulations to the recipients of the 2010 Vice-Chancellor’s Staff Awards

Friday, 24 September 2010


I was pleased to present the winners of the 2010 Vice-Chancellor’s Staff Awards with their certificates and prizes this afternoon. The winners were chosen by expert panels, for their excellence in the areas of Engagement, Citizenship, Service, Research and Learning and Teaching (L&T).

The L&T Awards were announced earlier in the year in order to compete in the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Awards.  All other recipients learned today for the first time of their recognition as leaders at ECU.

It is important that we recognise and reward colleagues who achieve outstanding outcomes and contribute to achieving a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable community.

The winners of the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards are a testament to the University’s commitment to the values or personal excellence, integrity, rational inquiry and respect.

I congratulate all the winners and thank the staff who joined me to help celebrate the achievement of the recipients of the Awards this year.

Recipients of the 2010 Vice-Chancellor’s Staff Awards are:


Associate Professor Trevor Cullen

Dr Yasir Al-Abdeli

Professor Ross Dowling


The Academic Governance team

Ms Gloria McQuillan; Ms Pip Rundle; Ms Kim Gifkins; Mr Bryan Connell and Ms Anne Purdy

The Graduate Research School team

Ms Kolyne Tan; Ms Narelle Jones; Ms Heather Williams; Ms Silvia Torezani and Ms Emma Chessell-Keevers

Dr Megan Le Clus

SSC Student Central, Student Orientation and Retention and Student Support Teams

Mrs Carmel Langdon; Ms Clodagh McCarney; Ms Coral Holey; Mrs Desiree Van Spall; Ms Faye Craig; Ms Gemma Phanupen; Ms Greer O'Regan; Ms Janine Richardson; Ms Jessica Ayres; Mrs Jo Laidlaw; Ms Jody Bartlett; Ms Kally Ison; Ms Kate Edwards; Mrs Kim Fitzgerald; Miss Kylie Lehmann; Mrs Libby Dooley; Ms Lisa Teua; Mr Matthew Mainey; Mrs Pauline Meagher; Mrs Sonia Ryall; Mr Stephen Baker; Mrs Yvonne Mahon; Mrs Romany Van Den Dungen; Mrs Sharon Robson; Miss Rebecca Antonio; Miss Julia Jackman; Miss Ekta Shah; Mrs Maryann Warnaya; Miss Susan Bloomfield; Miss Sarah Osborne; Ms Dawn Owen; Mrs Lesley Richards; Mrs Michelle Grealish; Ms Sylvia Kelly; Miss Leisha Magee; Ms Mel Johnston; Mr Miguel Gil ; Miss Bahareh Saberi; Dr Robert Chandler

Professor Mark Stoney

Mrs Sharon Robson


Excellence in Research by Early Careers in Researchers

Dr Prue Cormie

Dr Julian Dooley

Teaching and Learning Awards

Excellence in Teaching

Ms Linda Riebe

Dr John O'Rourke

Ms Jo McManus

Mrs Denise Jackson

Dr Vicki Banham

The K-7 Team, School of Education

Dr Yvonne Haig; Ms Julia Wren; Ms Sue Sharp; Dr Paul Swan; Ms Linda Marshall

Programs that Enhance Learning

The ECU South West Nursing Program

Mrs Suzanne Tencer; Ms Sally Giumelli; Mrs Lyn Reading; Mrs Carol Squire; Mrs Rita Barbour; Mrs Yvonne Treasure; and Mrs Yvonne Farmer

Professor Kerry O. Cox *

* Professor Kerry Cox was Vice-Chancellor of Edith Cowan University from March 2006 to September 2014.

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