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Are You Social Media Savvy?

Monday, 10 December 2012


Did you know that more than 90% of recruiters and hiring managers are using social media to screen prospective candidates? 

A recent survey completed by social media monitoring service Reppler revealed how and when employers are screening potential job candidates - and the results are quite surprising! 

69% of those surveyed revealed that they have rejected candidates because of what they saw about them on a social networking site. Reasons for rejection included candidates lying about their qualifications, posting negative comments about a previous employer and demonstrating poor communication skills. 

Whilst Facebook is the most commonly used social media site in the hunt for candidate information, around 50% of employers reported they are also using Twitter and LinkedIn to screen candidates. 

The news isn’t all bad though, with 68% of recruiters revealing that they have hired candidates because of what they saw about them on a social networking site. 

So how can you use social media to your advantage in the job search process? You need to view your internet presence as another tool in your job search tool box (along with things like your networks and your résumé). 

Utilising free online tools like LinkedIn, you can quickly and easily build an online profile which showcases your professional strengths and capabilities. You can search the LinkedIn Help Centre for free webinars and tip sheets to help you build a profile that will stand out from the crowd or click here for a short video on building your professional online brand. 

If your capabilities would be better represented in a more visual format, search for an online portfolio system which will allow you to publish examples of your work on the web. Check with your industry to find out what is most commonly used and remember to read the fine print to ensure your work is protected. 

Whatever tools you choose to use to communicate to prospective employers, it’s clear from the survey results that your online professional presence could make the difference between an invitation to interview, or a ‘thanks but no thanks’ response. 

Even when you’re not in job search mode, you should view your online presence as an integral part of your ongoing career management. After all, you never know when a fantastic opportunity might come your way! 

For further survey results that show how employers are using social media to screen job applicants, click here.


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