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ECU’s Art Installation Recognising its Predecessor Institutions

Tuesday, 06 December 2016


As part of ECU’s 25th anniversary celebrations, the University commissioned an art installation to recognise its predecessor institutions. The artwork tells the story of the history behind ECU, pre-1991.

The artist and Graylands alumnus, Tony Jones unveiled his artwork, Trajectory (Part B) at the ECU Joondalup Campus on Saturday 26 November in the presence of alumni from Graylands, Claremont, Churchlands, Nedlands and Mt Lawley.

Tony described how he made the artwork Trajectory (Part B) in relation to his other artwork also installed at the ECU Joondalup Campus, Trajectory (Part A).

“I am peripherally aware of changes in the way the institutions have evolved over the years since I left Graylands in 64

The invitation to make a work that symbolically served as a marker for the generations of graduates was a challenge informed by my years as a teacher and an artist/sculptor.

I intend this work with its relation to Trajectory (Part A) as a provocation to memory and as a small memorial to shared experiences. A kind of Dirk Hartog’s plate for teachers.

Trajectory (Part B) represents the “paper” plane reflected in Trajectory (Part A) becoming grounded in experience and a more solid wisdom – in the same way that our teaching alumni are grounded in West Australian teaching history.”

ECU is very proud of this installation that marks where ECU came from and the foundations on which it has been able to grow.

Manager of ECU‘s Alumni Relations, Amy Hold said “At ECU we are incredibly proud of the rich history of our institution, which has enabled us to become the University we are today. We were absolutely delighted to recognise this history through our anniversary art installation, and ensure that all alumni, no matter when they graduated, feel a part of ECU.”


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