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Sculpture Park

'Marble Bun' by Rodney Glick

Abstract marble sculpture commissioned in 2003 and installed in 2004.

This marble sculpture was based on the machine-made copy of an original hand-carved block of polyurethane foam.  A doppelganger of the absent, hand-carved template, an ironic and poetic contrast between the classical and high-art connotations of marble and the unpretentious ordinariness of the original carved form. A further ironic twist is that the hand-crafted treatment was applied to the cheap industrial material and not the 'noble' traditional medium as one would expect.  Typically Rodney Glick!  This work was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney prior to being installed in our Sculpture Park Joondalup.

'Oneness' by Ron Gomboc

First shown at the prestigious Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Bondi 2003 and installed in our Sculpture Park in 2005.

Meaning of this artwork - 'being one whilst retaining individuality in unity'.  Materials stainless steel and copper.  This work was not commissioned - just purchased from the artist.

'Lotus' by Nigel Helyer

A floating sound sculpture in the lake on our Joondalup campus.  This was installed in December 2006.

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