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Learning solutions

The Learning Solutions team delivers and promotes innovative expertise in current and emerging learning technologies to contribute to ECU’s delivery of high quality student focused outcomes.

We live in a time of unprecedented change in terms of data availability and organisation, an exponential age in which information is abundant and accessible. Group-forming is incredibly easy and dynamic. Media is all pervasive and user created, thanks to wireless Internet and mobile device convergence.

Connection is king and we are beginning to see the blurring of boundaries between home, work and learning. This has exciting implications for learning at all levels. The static Internet is being replaced by new levels of connection and interactivity – welcome Web 2.0. This is an exciting time to be involved in education.

The Learning Solutions team was created to help ECU staff design, build and refine their learning opportunities in the context of this hyper-connected, information-rich world. We aim to help make teaching relevant, rigorous and innovative.

Academic excellence

The Academic Excellence team specialises in providing a range of services to achieve teaching and learning excellence at ECU. Services include policy and program review and renewal, scholarship and research (including grant applications) and leading or participating in project teams.

Our team members are expert teachers with long standing experience in learner orientated environments. We deliver a range of services including flexibly-delivered academic courses and programs, staff development programs and off-campus education including online delivery.

The Academic Excellence team supports ECU’s curriculum by:

  • promoting, advocating and supporting the implementation of teaching and learning policy;
  • undertaking research, including preparing grant applications, and/or pilot projects to enhance the quality of teaching and learning outcomes;
  • working closely with other ECU service centres, academic staff and members of the offices of the Associate Deans, Teaching and Learning;
  • maintaining professional competence and knowledge and applying this expertise in the provision of advice, problem resolution and professional development to staff; and
  • maintaining vigorous individual research agendas.

Organisational development

The Organisational Development team supports staff at ECU in further developing the skills necessary to be successful in their roles, and to develop and support initiatives to continually improve ECU's effectiveness as a university.

All university staff will have an opportunity to participate in a range of face-to-face and online programs that will provide the insights necessary for personal and professional success at ECU.

The Organisational Development team focuses on a number of core issues:

  • creating and refining a framework to encapsulate the learning needs of all staff at ECU;
  • designing initiatives in collaboration with Human Resources that support a high performance culture at ECU;
  • redesigning the PDC programs and exploring alternative delivery models, such as school-based, to support and enhance teaching at ECU;
  • delivering a comprehensive training and support package for staff in the use of the new web content management system (WebCMS);
  • redefining the support provided for using the Course Management System (CMS); and
  • creating and redesigning resources that allow you to learn the myriad of computer systems just in time, when you need them.
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