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Frequently asked questions

What is Ngoolark (Building 34)?

Ngoolark (Building 34) is a new $72 million building program on the Joondalup Campus that will offer improved services, a new 'campus street' and a vibrant marketplace area.

Drawing together the main student services under one roof, this exciting new development will offer an innovative space with cutting edge technology. The building is designed to support the essential university functions to deliver enhanced services to staff, students and the local Joondalup community.

How will I benefit from Ngoolark (Building 34)?

Ngoolark is expected to open in early 2015; however there are a lot of benefits that we will be introducing to campus over the next three years. We will be introducing new outdoor seating areas and upgrading some of those that are currently under used.

The market stalls that will use the new marketplace area in Building 34 are to be introduced on campus over the coming months, with opportunities for students and staff to have their own stalls.

Staff and students using Building 34 from 2015 will benefit from a more vibrant campus, as Ngoolark will act as a hub of activity on campus. Students will also benefit from improved customer services and easier contact with Student Central staff.

Where is it being built?

It will be located between the Building 32 lecture theatre and the Library on the Joondalup Campus, forming a link between the two. The construction site will partially cover car park 2.

What will it look like?

Ngoolark (Building 34) has been designed to draw in natural light, connect with outdoor areas and engage with the existing buildings. With five floors, the building will house the main student services and provide a vibrant marketplace area.

It will incorporate state-of-the-art technology, including large LED panels that will display signs, real-time information and student art. Building 34 will also meet the equivalent of a five star energy efficiency rating.

To view the artist impressions of what Ngoolark will look like, see the slideshow.

When will construction start? How long will it last?

Work on the building program began on Monday, 16 April after the mid-semester break. Full works will proceed later in 2012 with the building expected to open in early 2015.

Will the construction affect me?

On Monday, 16 April construction began on Building 34 at the Joondalup campus, restricting parking in car park 2. This means drivers need to consider using other parking areas on campus, including car park 11, or alternative ways of travelling to campus.

To look at travel options to and from campus check the Getting to ECU webpage.

Why does ECU need Building 34?

As ECU student numbers grow we need to ensure that we are offering the high level of service the current and prospective students expect.

Ngoolark (Building 34) will house Student Central, Student Recruitment, our research and commercialisation offices and ITS.

Students using the building will benefit from improved customer services, easier contact with Student Central staff.

Ngoolark will offer state-of-the art technology and provide a new vibrant hub for campus activity, making ECU Joondalup an even more desirable place to study.

Why is it being built over car park 2?

As a University, ECU’s main aim is to offer a high quality education experience to our students. We have limited room on campus for all our services and so have taken the decision to prioritise space for new and improved education facilities for students and staff.

I usually park in car park 2, where else can I park?

There will be a number of bays returned for use in September 2012 once the initial works are complete. In the mean time you may need to consider using other parking areas on campus, including car park 11 or using alternative ways of getting to campus.

To look at travel options to and from campus check the Getting to ECU webpage.

How else can I get to campus if I don’t drive in? 

  • Joondalup train station is only a 10 minute walk away from campus.
  • There is a free CAT bus service from Joondalup train station which stops at three places on campus.
  • There are bike racks located at 12 locations across the Joondalup campus, including secure bike parking and end of trip facilities.
  • To look at travel options to and from campus check the Getting to ECU webpage.

What will happen to the materials and plants being removed from the slope between the Building 32 lecture theatre and the Library?

ECU has strict planning and design guidelines covering the waste management and sustainability of construction activity on campus. All materials and plants that are removed from the site will be relocated and/or reused where possible to reduce the waste generated by the works for Building 34.

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