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Building 34 – Construction Update

Thursday, 26 April 2012


The site works for Building 34 are steaming ahead, with much of the land cleared on the slope between the library and lecture theatre.

A number of the fixed road lights are to be affected by the works; therefore some temporary lighting is to be set up in car park 2. These lights will provide additional lighting for the construction site and for those using the car park in the mornings and evenings.

The site area has been finalised resulting in a number of changes to road and pedestrian areas. Road safety signs have been put in place to highlight any hazards to drivers caused by new pedestrian pathways and truck crossings.

Fencing and signs have also been placed around the construction site for the safety of students and staff. These highlight which areas have been designated for use by the site staff only. No unauthorised students or staff will be allowed into these areas. If you have a scheduled delivery that you think may be affected by these restrictions please contact Clark Randrup on 2275.

More information about Building 34 is available on the ECU website.


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