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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to childcare. For enquiries not answered in the FAQ’s, please contact the relevant centre.

Can I start my child later than the date you have offered?

Your child is able to start later only if full fees are paid for the offered days until your child commences.

What is the likelihood of a vacancy in mid-semester or second semester?

Most of the centre's vacancies occur during January and February when the older children leave for school and the younger children move up to their next group. Vacancies may occur throughout the year when families leave the centre.

Can I just take a couple of hours of the day?

You cannot take a couple of hours of the day as the standard daily fee applies to the 10.5 hours the centre is open. Regardless of the amount of hours the children use, all are charged the daily rate.

Do I have to pay when my child is sick?

Yes, you do. This enables you to retain the child’s place at the centre.

Can I take a tour of the centre?

You will need to contact the relevant centre as one-off tours can be disruptive to the children’s daily routine. However, once a place or position has been offered, a full tour of the centre can be arranged so that parents are confident about accepting their offer.

Can I drop by and visit my child?

Parents of current children are welcome at most times of the day and encouraged to call in whenever possible.

I'm breastfeeding - can I drop in to feed my child?

Mothers who are breastfeeding their babies are welcome to come into the centre to feed their babies.

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