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Protect your property

Personal safety on campus also includes protecting your property from theft and vandalism:

  • never leave personal property (purses, laptops, calculators) unattended, take these items with you when leaving a classroom or lecture theatre;
  • park your bike where you can keep an eye on it if possible and always lock your bike; and
  • residents of student housing are advised to:
    • never open exterior doors to strangers or non-residents; and
    • never allow large sums of money to accumulate in your room, open a savings or checking account.

Avoid laptop theft

Laptop computers are prime targets on campus. To help you prevent the theft of a laptop, or aid in its recovery, we have the following tips:

  • never leave your laptop unattended;
  • keep your laptop away from accessible windows where a thief can quickly break the window, reach in and remove the machine from your room;
  • secure the doors to labs or office spaces whenever your laptop is left unattended;
  • if possible, keep your laptop stored in a locked filing cabinet or secured with a locking device;
  • record the make, model and serial number of your laptop and devices associated with it;
  • apply Micro Dot anti theft technology to deter theft (for more information, see Asset Custodians within your faculty/centre);
  • report the theft of your laptop immediately to Campus Security;
  • report suspicious activity to Campus Security immediately; and
  • don’t leave your laptop unattended at the library, it takes seconds for a thief to walk away with it.
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