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Access Control Card Conditions of Use and Issue

The Electronic Access Control System has been implemented by the University to protect the University community, property and assets. Your co-operation in adhering to these conditions will ensure that security and safety on campus are maintained.

The University reserves the right to examine all electronic information on its systems, and to monitor usage, in order to ensure conformance with these conditions and to ensure that the facilities and systems function in a secure, efficient and effective manner.

These conditions apply to University facilities and systems and all other computing systems that can be accessed via the University networks. The authority for students to use the University Access Control System expires at the end of each semester but may be extended depending on course work requirements.

Authorised Users

Persons authorised to use the University Access Control System are:

  • students currently enrolled in the University;
  • staff currently employed by the University; and
  • other persons having special authorisation from the Vice-Chancellor or nominee.

Proof of Status

Your individual Photographic University Identification Card is proof of your authorised status. Failure to produce the card when requested by Security and/or Authorised Staff members may result in you being requested to leave the controlled area. Students must always carry their Identification Card and Access Card when using controlled areas.

Electronic Access Control Cards

Electronic Access Cards are for student's personal use only and must not be used by other persons. Your personal details are associated with your card and are unique to it. The official cardholder will be responsible for any security breaches that may arise through the incorrect use of the Electronic Access Card. Only one person per card is permitted to enter the controlled areas at any one time. For Security purposes, details of all Access Card use and the individuals who are assigned to these cards are automatically recorded.

Proper Conduct in Laboratory Areas

Controlled laboratory areas are work places. In the interest of other users, noise should therefore be kept to a minimum. Eating and drinking is not permitted in laboratory areas as spilt fluids and dropped food particles can damage the equipment in these areas. For safety reasons, children are not permitted in laboratory areas.

Damage to Cards

Take care of your Electronic Access Card to prevent it from being damaged. A damaged card will not let you into controlled areas that have been assigned to you. Your Electronic Access Card contains complex circuitry that can be damaged by bending, folding, punching holes or exposing the card to excessive heat. Treat your Electronic Access Card with the same level of care as you would treat your credit card. Store your card safely in your wallet or purse. Damaged cards will be replaced at a cost to the cardholder.

Refund of Deposit

Refund of the deposit on your access card is through campus cashier.  Students must initiate the refund process no later than 12 months after course completion or cessation of enrolment.  After the 12 month period the refund of the deposit is forfeited and void.

Breaches of Conditions

Failure to adhere to the above conditions may be considered an act of grave misconduct and cancellation of enrolment may result. Breaches that involve security and/or access violations may be referred to the Australian Federal Police.

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