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Student access cards

Access cards give entry to specially equipped areas or entry to areas outside of normal opening hours.

How do I acquire a student access card?

You can acquire a student access card from the Cashiers Office located on each respective ECU campus.

How do I activate my card?

Once you have obtained your new access card you need to activate it by completing the online Activate My Student Access Card form. Cards will automatically be programmed providing you with the access required for your course or unit of study.

How do I change the access on my card?

If additional access is required you need to complete the online Access Card Problem form and tick the box ’additional access required’.

I have lost (or damaged) my card

Lost/stolen cards should be reported immediately to Campus Security via email at or by completing the online Access Cards Problem form. You will need to obtain another card from the Cashiers Office.  Replacement cards will take up to 48 hours to become active.

My card is faulty

Should your card not be functioning contact Campus Security via email at or by completing the online Access Cards Problem form. 

After hours – if you are unable to access a building due to a faulty access card contact Campus Security via a campus security telephone and request access to the building. When the Security Officer arrives they will want to see your access card and student ID card.

More information you need to know

  • If your card suddenly stops working try to badge your card against any reader. If your card is not recognised with two short beeps then please exchange the card at Student Central and email us at with the new card number.
  • When filling in the online Access Cards Problem form or emailing Campus Security, be sure to explain your fault in detail and list your student number, your card number and the problem door number/s.
  • Your access card only entitles you access to areas that are specific to your student study. If you find that you do not have the correct access please consult your appropriate lecturer.
  • 24 hour access to Elabs is available. Other areas have restricted access so please consult your lecturer.
  • You are asked to carry your access card and student ID card with you at all times. Without these you are not eligible to use the after hours facilities.
  • You are instructed not lend your card to anybody else, your access card is for your personal use only.
  • Misuse of your access card is a serious offence, please refer to the Conditions of Use for a complete explanation of your responsibilities.

More detailed information is available from our ECU Access Control brochure.

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