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Access to networks

Students and staff have access to wireless networks on each of our campuses. Once authenticated via a virtual private network (VPN), these networks allow access to the ECU website, the student and staff intranets and the internet.

Our wireless networks

ECU's on-campus wireless services are delivered via three complimentary networks: ECU, ecu-access, and eduroam. We cater for a range of wireless devices used by staff, students and visitors.

Wireless network informationWireless network features
Wireless network name     Connect to this network with: Encrypted? Provides access to:
ECU Newer devices (supporting WPA2/802.1X), ECU ADS login Yes ECU intranet, internet
eduroam Newer devices (supporting WPA2/802.1X), EDUROAM Federated login Yes ECU intranet, internet

Encryption and network types

  • Encrypted: Modern wireless devices have the ability to encrypt your communications for privacy. When available, this is the preferred method. Unencrypted traffic may be snooped in transmission, including usernames and passwords.
  • ECU: This is the primary wireless network for ECU staff and students and is the easiest to use with modern wireless devices. Once connected to the ECU network with your ADS username and password, you can access internet and intranet resources without needing VPN or proxy settings.
  • eduroam: this wireless network is provided for visitors to ECU who are part of the eduroam network. You can login to this network using your username and password from a participating institution. ECU staff and students may login with their ADS credentials in the form    You will need to use a VPN connection to access the internet.

Setup guides

To connect a personal laptop or a mobile device to one of our networks choose a setup guide to help you configure your computer. If your device is not listed or you run into a configuration issue, try one of our alternative setup guides.

Easy setup guides (ECU)

Video tutorials:

How can I get help?

If you've followed the instructions above, and checked your configuration, but still cannot to connect to the ECU Wireless Network, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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