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High Achievers Program for Aboriginal Students

The High Achievers Program was a pilot program conducted by the Aboriginal Education Directorate of the Department of Education from 2008-2009 in five primary schools.

The Program involved the implementation of a culturally inclusive curriculum-related program, Primary Connections, which seeks to develop literacy through science.

Through Primary Connections, High Achievers aimed to develop the literacy skills of Aboriginal students ranked in the upper quartile of their Year 3 benchmark assessments so that their results in Year 5 and Year 7 benchmark assessments also ranked in the respective upper quartiles.

Quantitative and qualitative data were collected at a system and school level and analysed. In particular, the literacy results of identified high achieving Aboriginal students in Year 3 benchmark assessments have been compared with their results in Year 5 assessments.


Dr Ann Galloway
Dr Matt Byrne
Mr Graeme Gower 
Professor Mark Hackling

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