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Off-campus students

If you live more than 50km from Perth, you may be eligible for external library services.

To be eligible, Perth students must live:

  • outside postcodes 6000–6171; or
  • within postcodes 6040–6044 and 6124–6126.

If you live less than 50km from Perth you should use an ECU campus library in person.

South West students in the Bunbury area must live:

  • outside the postcodes 6230–6233.

Students enrolled in mixed modes (internal and external units) are regarded as internally enrolled and can use the library in person.

Disability and other assistance

If you live within 50km from Perth or Bunbury but have a disability that may affect your study or mobility, you should contact Student Equity (Disabilities) for assistance.

If you wish to be exempted from the service area policy because of other extenuating circumstances, please send a written request for exemption (with reasons) to:

Senior Librarian
Joondalup Campus Library, Building 31
Edith Cowan University
270 Joondalup Drive
Joondalup WA 6027

Off-campus students enrolled in internal or online units

You can have your status changed to remote internal if you:

  • are not required to attend units on campus; and
  • live approximately 50km from Perth or Bunbury.

This amendment makes you eligible to have books from any ECU library posted to your home address
(items are posted to you free of charge, but return postage is at your cost).

To change your library record status, contact one of our Senior Librarians.

For more information on what you can borrow, see the Loans Parameters.

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