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Submit to High Use Collection (Reserve)

Academic staff can request that high demand physical items and electronic items are held in the High Use Collection for student use:

  • Physical items - books, video recordings and CD-ROMS
  • Electronic items - links to database articles and scanned PDFs

The physical items can only be borrowed on a short-term basis and the electronic items are available 24 hours hours a day through the library catalogue.

Items such as lecture notes, class notes and materials that are freely available on the Internet are generally not included in High Use. These items can be added to Blackboard.


To submit a request for an item to be added to the High Use Collection, follow these guidelines:

  • Download the High Use collection request form.
  • Complete the form - your form can include details of physical items as well as electronic items on the same form. Send us one High Use collection request form per unit of study with full citation details for all items. This allows us to adhere to the requirements of copyright legislation. If the items are for Summer School, simply indicate this on the submission form.
  • Submit the form through the internal mail to any campus library, email to or at the Loans desk at each campus library. To assist staff please have your High Use request forms submitted well before the start of semester.
  • Confirmation -an email confirming availability of electronic items (links to database articles and scanned PDFs) will be sent to you once this part of the process has been completed. Please keep a copy of your High Use requests and items for future reference. 

Physical items

  • One copy of a physical item per requested campus is usually sufficient. More may be added if the same item is required for multiple units. If  large numbers of students require the same physical item, additional copies can be changed to a 7 day loan period. This can be arranged by contacting Library staff.
  • Contact Library staff team if you wish to recommend materials to be purchased for the High Use collection.

Electronic items

  • PDFs do not need to be supplied if the item is available in one of the Library subscription databases (e.g. ProQuest). Simply include full citation details for the article, chapter, etc. in the ‘Details of items for inclusion’ column and write the database name in the ‘format’ column of the High Use collection request form.
  • Copies of items (PDF on disk or attached to email) should have the Electronic use notice at the start of the article/chapter or indicate the source if the article is available online (for example, ProQuest, Blackwell).  
  • Full citation details including all authors (APA format) must appear on the copies of items. These details are extremely important to allow students to cite material correctly.  
  • Scanned items should be in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) with recommended resolution of 250-300 dpi and file size no larger than 5MB (larger files may be broken into smaller files).  
  • To reuse material in the following year you need to request that the items be reinstated before ECU’s end of year.  
  • Preferred format for pdf file name would be author’s surname followed by the first 2 words of title. For example: Smith_Management practices.

Copyright restrictions for electronic items

Under the Copyright Act and the AVCC Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) Part VB Licence, various restrictions are imposed on the amount of copying which can be done for the electronic high use items. Limits apply per institution (across all of ECU, not per unit of study) and include:

  • 1 chapter or 10% of a book, but more if the book is out of print or out of copyright. 
  • 1 article per issue, but more if the articles are deemed to be of the same specific subject matter (e.g. a themed issue). 
  • Limits apply across all book editions unless the editions are markedly different. 
  • The whole or part of a literary or dramatic work in a published anthology if not more than 15 pages.

Note: for material that exceeds the limit set by the Copyright Act, you may be able to obtain permission in writing for this from the copyright owner, using the Copyright permission request form.

For more information about copyright, see our Copyright web page and the e-Reserve Copyright Policy.

Processing times

Every effort is made to ensure material is available as quickly as possible.

  • Material in digital form (or available via our electronic resources) are processed within 3 working days. 
  • At the start of semester, Reserve processing may take up to 4 weeks.


Your campus library staff  can help you with any queries or you can contact us via email at

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