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University Statutes, Rules and By-Laws

The Council has the power to make Statutes in relation to a range of matters under section 26 of the Edith Cowan University Act 1984.

University Statutes are subordinate legislation and subject to parliamentary scrutiny. All University Statutes are considered by the WA Government's Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation before being submitted to the Governor for approval. If approved, the changes are tabled in Parliament and published in the Government Gazette. Parliament may resolve to revoke a Statute after it has been published in the Government Gazette.

Current Statutes

The following University statutes are current. Gaps in the sequential ordering of these statutes reflect that some statutes have been repealed. A list of repealed statues is available from the Downloads.

Statutes under review

The University regularly reviews its Statutes. When Statutes are reviewed the University has the opportunity to incorporate feedback from key stakeholders. Where a Statute is marked "Under Review", it is open to students, staff and members of the community for comment.




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