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Copyright surveys

ECU, through Universities Australia, is party to three statutory licences which allow it to use copyright material for non-commercial, education purposes. These licences are:

  • the Part VA Screenrights licence agreement, for use of copyright radio and television broadcasts;
  • the Part VB Copyright Agency Limited  licence agreement, for use of copyright print and graphic material; and
  • the music societies licence agreement, for use of copyright musical works.

Each licence agreement is administered by a ‘collecting society’. Collecting societies are empowered under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) to conduct periodic surveys of Australian educational institutions to calculate the amount of copying and communication of copyright material they are carrying out under the relevant licence.

ECU is occasionally selected to participate in one of these surveys. During the period of the survey (roughly four weeks), selected areas of the University are required to keep precise records of the amount of copying or communication they are performing under the licence. This information is later used to calculate licence fees and royalties.

How often are the surveys carried out?

The collecting societies carry out surveys on a rolling basis. Generally, ECU is only required to participate in a survey once every three or four years.

If a collecting society alters the order in which educational institutions are surveyed, this period may be longer or shorter; for example, ECU participated in a Screenrights survey in September 2009 and March 2012.

How will I know if my school or centre has been selected?

ECU provides preliminary student and staff load data to the collecting societies to allow them to decide which areas of ECU to survey. If your school or centre has been selected to participate, we will ask the relevant head of school or centre manager to nominate a staff member to coordinate the survey on behalf of that area.

Nominated staff members will be asked to attend a short induction session conducted by the collecting society. The session is an opportunity for staff to ask questions about the survey process.


ECU Copyright Officer

General Counsel
Jo Quinn
Office of Legal Services
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 2016

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