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Part VB licence

The Part VB licence is contained in Part VB of the Copyright Act and it applies to print and graphic material.

Royalties are collected from the university sector under an agreement with Copyright Agency Limited (CAL).

What can I copy?

The Part VB licence applies to print and graphic material encompassing:

  • artistic works (e.g. maps, drawings, paintings, photos);
  • dramatic works (e.g. plays, scripts, screenplays);
  • literary works (e.g. novels, short stories, but not computer programs);
  • anthologies (e.g. collections of short stories);
  • periodical publications (e.g. academic journals); and
  • musical works (e.g. sheet music).

How much can I copy?

Copyright material Copying limit
Books, dramatic work, musical works The greater of 10% or one chapter.
Work contained in an anthology Up to 15 pages or, where work is greater than 15 pages, the greater of 10% or one chapter.
Journal articles One article or more than one article if they relate to the same subject matter.
Artistic work The whole of a work where:
  • it illustrates or accompanies text or music copied;
  • it cannot be separately purchased; or
  • it’s in electronic form.
Published editions where copyright has expired (Note: the copyright is in typesetting and lay-out etc. This would apply for example to a newly - published edition of a Charles Dickens novel.) The whole of the work.
An out of print work In certain circumstances you may be able to copy the entire work. However you should seek further advice from the library or copyright officer.

Notice requirements

Any reproduction under the Part VA licence must prominently feature the Part VB Notice contained in the Copyright Regulations. To download the Part VB Notice, see 'downloads' on this page.

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