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Equality and Diversity

Edith Cowan University (ECU) is an inclusive university that values diversity and aims to create for students, staff and the broader community an environment free from discrimination. ECU is committed to increasing access and providing opportunities for students who face barriers to higher education.

A whole of university approach has been taken to encourage and support potential students as well as current students and staff, to reach their potential. To achieve this, ECU has integrated equity principles and practices into its planning processes and strategic and operational activities.

The University's inclusion strategies, actions and initiatives are set down in a number of plans:

  • Access and participation plan
  • Equity statement of commitment
  • Direction for inclusive practice

The University provides a range of services to staff and students.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2016-2021

Edith Cowan University's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2016-2021 articulates a number of strategies that will guide the University’s disability access and inclusion activities over the next five years. The DAIP 2016-2021 is available as a download on the right and in alternative formats on request to

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Edith Cowan University’s vision for reconciliation is to provide an environment that values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and knowledge, and which contributes to a society in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have the same opportunities as other Australians and  which respects diversity, equality, and the contributions of all its citizens.

Racism. It stops with me.

Edith Cowan University has pledged support to the "Racism. It stops with me" campaign. The campaign invites all Australians to reflect on what they can do to counter racism wherever it happens.

University Contact Officers (UCOs), Ally

UCOs provide assistance to students and staff members by providing referral information on equity policies and practices, together with details of services and support available to assist in resolving issues of concern.

The ALLY network aims to create a more diverse and inclusive culture by promoting greater awareness of, and support for, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) staff and students.

Racism. It stops with me.Ally logo

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