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  • Growing future innovators at ECU

    Growing future innovators at ECU

Growing Future Innovators

The Growing Future Innovators project is an innovative partnership designed to encourage innovation in school students through the introduction of arts and performance in schools. The multi-partner collaborative project began with a pilot study that examines how contemporary arts institutions can work with schools to educate for innovation. The study considered how contemporary arts organizations such as the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) can deliver inext practice' school learning programs that encourage and promote innovation, not just in the arts but potentially across a range of other disciplines.

Co-authored by Dr Julie Robson, Research Fellow at ECU, and Dr Luke Jaaniste, Research Fellow, ARC Centre for Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation, the study has been a detailed review of local, national and international policies relating to arts education, along with case studies of innovative programs implemented by 18 contemporary arts organizations across Australia and the UK.

It has led to the development of a three-year pilot program to be delivered by PICA in partnership with a number of metropolitan and regional primary schools in WA, with the hope that it will encourage teachers and students to implement the values of innovation, creativity and self-efficacy.

The pilot program, funded by generous contributions of $470,000 from Rio Tinto and $68,000 from the Fogarty Foundation, will allow school students to directly engage with professional artists and the latest in contemporary arts practices, and will be monitored by ECU. The project is designed to stimulate and enthuse children, while improving the teaching and research capacity of educators.

Key ECU Staff

Dr Julie Robson.

Engagement Partners

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, ARC Centre for Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation, Fogarty Foundation and Rio Tinto.

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