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Conference papers in proceedings

Conference papers in proceedings

Globalization, monetary integration and exchange rate regimes in East Asia

  • Editors: De Grauwe, P., K. Sato and Z.Y. Zhang.
  • All papers in these proceedings were refereed by at least one independent reviewer.

Session 1: Monetary integration: theory and practice

Session 2: Financial liberalization and financial crisis in East Asia

Session 3: Globalization and exchange rate management in Japan

Session 4: Regional trade integration and global economic crisis

Session 5: Economic and financial integration in East Asia

Session 6: Economic integration and exchange rate regime in East Asia

Session 7: Foreign trade and regional monetary arrangements in East Asia

Session 8: Equilibrium exchange rate and policy in East Asia

Session 9: Exchange values of Chinese RMB and currencies in East Asia

Session 10: The Chinese economy

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