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Call for papers and posters

Call for papers and posters

If you are actively involved in learning and teaching we invite you to take part in this conference by submitting a paper, which is refereed, or a Poster, non-refereed, for inclusion in the conference program.

This conference provides members of the ECU community with an informal setting within which to showcase, discuss, recognise and most importantly encourage innovative practices in learning and teaching.

The focus will be on previously unpublished research, case studies and best practice show cases. To encourage both experienced and novice research practitioners, the copyright in accepted submissions will remain vested in the authors so that they can be revised and resubmitted to other conferences and journals.

Please note the following dates:

  • the deadline for paper submissions is Monday, 5 September 2011;
  • the deadline for abstract submissions is Monday, 12 September 2011; and
  • the deadline for posters is Monday, 19 September 2011.

Critical dates

Item Date
Call for papers Now
Call for reviewers Now
Registrations open Now
Submission deadline for Papers Monday, 5 September 2011
Submission deadline for Abstracts
Monday, 12 September 2011
Submission deadline for Posters Monday, 19 September 2011
ECULTURE 2011 conference 9-10 November 2011

Papers (refereed)

Full papers, submitted for peer review, can be based on:

  • completed or partially completed research using qualitative, quantitative or other analytical methods (grounded in empirical investigation);
  • analysis or review of current issues in higher education demonstrating a thorough understanding and leading to well argued conclusions; and
  • demonstration of professional practices, professional development and/or showcases of innovations in learning and teaching (grounded in best practice rather than new knowledge).

Research papers are submitted for blind peer refereeing then returned to authors for revision and re-submission. For more information read the Authors Guidelines and the Guidelines for Formatting documents.

Posters (non-refereed)

As an alternative, you may submit a Poster.

Posters will be grouped together in open exhibition-style; this is an informal even with a circulating audience. Immediate interest plays a big role in whether someone will stop to discuss your poster. Effective posters include large graphics that are easily seen from 5 meters. Type that is 12pt size or smaller is all but invisible to the audience, and small photos or images on regular sized print sheets are also difficult to see.

Posters will be printed in A1 full-colour by CLD and at our cost.  Print posters must be submitted print ready to the correct size (A1) in either tiff, jpeg, eps or vector file format.

Authors will be asked to give a two minutes presentation on their posters (if this is not possible please advise Tania Behr, via telephone 61 8 6304 2550, or extension 2550).

Posters will be returned to the author at the end of the conference.

If you are presenting an electronic poster, please supply all your own equipment, e.g. a Laptop.

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