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Fashion Major

Uses the material garment and textiles as a vehicle for exploration in relation to the body, object, site, image, contemporary fashion, found garment and contemporary art.

Students investigate and apply a range of non-industrial construction techniques, creative material methodologies and contextual research approaches. The major also engages students in a range of contextual and historical investigations to do with the garment and textiles and the contexts in which they function. It prepares students for a range of creative design and contemporary art outcomes such as textile design and production, pattern making and garment construction, contemporary art and fashion presentation, and contemporary art practice.


On Campus at Mount Lawley

Related Careers

Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, Sample Maker, Sample Machinist, Design Consultant, Stylist, Fashion Buyer, Retailer, Fashion Project Manager, Fashion Event Coordinator, Fashion/Textiles Agent, Artist, Curator.

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities include the design and construction of garments for self-established fashion brands with online sales or retail presence as commissioned through agent representation or independent pop-up outlets. Other positions may include employment with established designers as a design assistant, sample maker, sample machinist, design consultant, stylist, buyer or fashion retailer. Alternatively graduates may work in fashion or arts project management and/or event coordination.

Major Code



Students are required to complete the following twelve units (180 credit points):

Unit Code Unit Title Credit Points
VIS1303Introduction to Drawing15
FAS1101Materials and the Body15
FAS2103Fabric Manipulation15
VIS1401Contemporary Art: Exploring Body, Time and Place15
FAS2102Constructing the Pattern15
PHO1125Camera Work and Lighting15
FAS2104Studio Project 1 (Application)15
FAS2101Reconstructing the Garment15
CCA2150Identity and Culture15
FAS3205Studio Project 2 (Construction)15
FAS3204Studio Project 3 (Performance)15

This Major can be studied in the following courses:

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Let's talk

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