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Choose Law & Justice

Law and Justice

If the jury's still out on your career choices, maybe you should consider a life of crime? That's fighting crime, not participating in it!

There are many ways you can work to ensure justice is done in society, including defending people who've been wrongly accused of a criminal offense.

Other than spending time in a courtroom, you could study to be a forensic investigator, for example. If that's not in your DNA, maybe a case worker in child protection or family law is a better match for you?

This study area has lots of career options – the law really does have a long arm!

Law online

ECU was the first University in Western Australia to offer an accredited online law degree.

We understand that sometimes you need your studies to actually fit in with the rest of your life, whether its family commitments, full time work or another reason why you can't attend a campus.

When you study law online you have access to all on-campus facilities, interactive learning spaces, recorded lectures and online discussion groups.

Forensic Investigation with a twist

If you're fascinated by shows like CSI, NCIS or Bones, our Bachelor of Forensic Investigation might be just the course for you.

This degree differs from other forensic science courses because it combines applied science with related law and justice units.

As a graduate you'll be qualified to collect, analyse and interpret forensic data and present that evidence in court.

Build relationships, build a career

At ECU, we help you build relationships with a range of employers working in the legal and justice system.

We do this by offering you work placements with practising lawyers and psychology and lab units, and through internships, industry competitions, networking events and meetings with inspirational speakers.

We also host an annual Careers Fair so you can meet with organisations relevant to your study area, including government, private sector and not-for-profits.

At the fair you can talk to employers or watch their presentations, hear about job vacancies or graduate programs and get advice from career experts.

Access to scholarships

With the support of an ECU scholarship, we can help you realise your ambitions by improving your financial situation and enabling you to successfully complete your course.

Why Enrol Mid-Year

Why Enrol Mid-Year?

At ECU, we like to be flexible. It's why we offer different ways for people to enter university.

And it's why we have a mid-year intake for many of our courses.

If you're thinking about university study, but thought it was too late to start, think again.

For most courses our next semester starts on 28th July.

And if you apply now for mid-year entry you can lock in our current fee structure. Timing is everything.

Mid-year entry courses for 2014 More about ECU's tuition fee freeze
Why Study Online

Why Study Online?

At ECU we understand that everyone is different.

Different work arrangements, different family responsibilities, different locations or different learning styles.

That's why we offer the flexibility of studying many of our courses online.

Now you can study where you want, when you want.

Balance your study with family and work commitments. Or advance your career without leaving the workplace.

And just because you're not on campus doesn't mean we'll forget you. Online students get our full support too.

Why Postgrad Study

Why Postgrad Study?

Are you passionate about a particular area or field of work?

Have you just completed a degree and think you’d like to go onto postgraduate study?

Maybe you've been working as a professional and you’d like to gain a competitive advantage or change career direction?

Whatever your reason or background, we offer a wide range of postgraduate courses at ECU.

And because we understand that your life is already busy, we offer the flexibility and convenience of part-time and online study options too.

Your Degree

Your Degree

With our Law and Justice degrees you have a world of possibility to investigate or cross-examine.

Courses have been developed in consultation with industry, so you know you'll be learning skills that your future employers are looking for.

You can pursue a career in the traditional legal profession, move into something new, like our criminology courses, juvenile justice or forensic investigation, or mix it up with an inter-disciplinary degree like a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Criminology and Justice).

Study areas and degrees

To help you choose a career direction, we've grouped similar fields of work into 12 study areas across ECU – Law and Justice is one of those study areas.

Within each study area you can choose a degree, for example a Bachelor of Laws or a Bachelor of Criminology and Justice or a Bachelor of Forensic Investigation.

Postgraduate degrees are also available through coursework or research. For example, you can study our Master of Criminal Justice by Research degree or complete a PhD in Criminology, Justice & Law.

Inter-disciplinary degrees

Our inter-disciplinary degrees allow you to combine your interests into one course.

Double degrees

Includes these Arts majors – Politics & International Relations, History, English, Japanese (Introductory and Post ATAR), French (Introductory and Post ATAR), Contemporary Fashion & Textiles, Visual Arts and Writing.

Includes these Business majors – Human Resource Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Planning, Project Management, Sport Management and Tourism & Hospitality Management.

Includes these Engineering majors – Electronics & Communications, Mechatronics, Instrumentation Control & Automation, Computer Systems, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Power Engineering.

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

ECU Law students may have the opportunity to work with real cases under the supervision of legal practitioners at the Northern Suburbs Community Legal Centre on our Joondalup campus.

The Centre provides legal information and advice to the community in the areas of family and criminal law, domestic violence, tenancy, elder abuse and some areas of civil law.

Sellenger Centre for Research

William Sellenger was the first non-commissioned Police Officer in WA to become Chief Inspector.

He reached this position despite being the son of a convicted felon and growing up poor and Catholic in a society that was class-based, Anglican and hierarchical. When he retired in 1928 he'd achieved many positive changes within the Police Force and society in general.

The Sellenger Centre for Research in Law, Justice and Social Change is based at our Joondalup campus. The Centre conducts important research and provides training related to the delivery of law, justice, corrections and policing.

Unique study experiences

Law and Justice students talk about the best things about studying at ECU, including the hands-on and collaborative approach to teaching they enjoy with their lecturers, and the unique travel and work experience opportunities they've experienced here.

Play video

Studying Law and Justice at ECU: you be the judge.

The Payoff

The Payoff

In the latest Good Universities Guide, our graduates gave ECU a 5-star rating for their overall satisfaction, the quality of our teaching and for the generic skills they developed during their studies.

And we've achieved these ratings for six years in a row – from 2009 to 2014.

There is a high demand for generic skills in the workplace, with employers increasingly recruiting graduates who can demonstrate more than technical skills. This includes the ability to manage your time, being culturally aware, being a team player and being flexible and adaptable in your work.

So when you graduate with a Law or Criminology and Justice degree at ECU, you can expect to be better prepared than most to enter the world of work.

Play video

ECU Law student, Alan Watkins talks about his experience.

Hear from our students

Brendan Liveris

"I chose ECU for their quality lecturers and facilities."

"I thrive on doing things that are mentally challenging. That's what inspired me to study Law and I loved it. I chose ECU for their quality lecturers and facilities that are complemented by the great location of their Joondalup campus. The teaching staff are fantastic. They're welcoming and share their own experiences in industry, making learning more interesting and relevant. My greatest challenges were participating in legal competitions; they're tough but very rewarding. I've graduated with Honours and use the practical and academic skills I learnt every day."

Brendan Liveris

ECU Law Honours graduate

Zenab Sultan

"The course content set it apart from similar courses at other universities."

"I have always had a vested interest in forensic science, and ECU was my first preference. The course content set it apart from similar courses at other universities since it covered different disciplines in forensics in detail without focussing too much on just one. The supportive lecturers I've had and strong friendships I've formed helped make my study experience less daunting and thoroughly enjoyable. ECU has such a positive atmosphere! The lecturers always valued my opinions and if I was having difficulties, were quick to support and encourage and praise my efforts. I found the science and laboratory units riveting. The law, psychology and criminology units that I undertook gave me a well-rounded understanding of the field and also opened up many avenues for my future career."

Zenab Sultan

Bachelor of Forensic Investigation graduate

Our student community

We have an active student community at ECU. Most faculties or schools have interest groups or events that relate to your area of study.

You can also make connections and join conversations on our social media pages.

Current Students

ECU Student Guild

Before you enrol with us you might want to check out this page too:

Future Students

What next?

If Law and Justice sounds like your thing, go to Your Degree to find a course. Otherwise you can do a search on all ECU courses.

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