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Public Lecture by Professor Judith Bessant, RMIT University, Melbourne

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


ECU South West was pleased to welcome Professor Judith Bessant to the campus on Wednesday 26th October 2016.  Professor Bessant, who is from the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, delivered a public lecture entitled: The question concerning technology: winners and losers, and the future of human services

Professor Bessant argued that new forms of technologies will have a major impact on how human services are conceived, organised and practised in the near and not so near future. She encouraged the audience to think about ways in which the choices that are made about how technologies are developed and applied have potential to distance and disengage service users from providers; or to improve practice and the lives of those whom human services workers ‘serve’. 

Professor Bessant did not claim to have all the answers, but rather raised a series of very interesting and thought-provoking questions about our future world and what it might look like.  Members of the audience appeared engaged throughout and, at the end of the lecture, made comments based on their experiences and concerns and also raised very thoughtful questions of their own.  Professor Bessant delivered a fascinating lecture which, along with lively discussion from the audience, provided plenty of food for thought!


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