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May the Fourth

Thursday, 04 May 2017


On May the Fourth ECU's activities office and the student guild combined to bring a galaxy from far far away and from a long time ago to our South West campus grounds.

May the Fourth festivities began with a showing of the Fan Edited movie "Pulp Empire" in room BU5.116. Apart from this film, movie goers also enjoyed Fan Made Movies; "Troops", "Death Star Canteen" and "Bounty Hunter" cartoons. Each film had it's own unique twist on the Star Wars universe.

During the Intermission break, students from all reaches of the galaxy lined up at the Mos Eisley Space Port Cantina for: Dark Side Dogs with a side of Hoth Corn, Alderaanian crackers and Corrilean confectionary. They washed this down with a glass of cool Chewbeer or Aunt Beru's famous Blue Milk. If you have to "ask why blue?" then you really need to watch more Star Wars.

Some hit the activities table for Star Wars colouring in, creating felt Chewbacca bookmarks and paper Princess Leia dolls.

Other 'smugglers' visited the merchandise stand for a Star Wars bargain or two

The word from the Jedi High Council is that the Fourth is strong with this campus.


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