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Western Uni Games South West team

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Event: David & Goliath rematch in the form of mixed netball

Location: Township of Bunbury at the crazy time of Monday 8.30am during the Semester break

The Question: Why?

Why be awake at this crazy time, and why try to defeat the Perth universities with their student numbers in their thousands, where participants have tryouts and competitive games to pass just to make their respective teams?  Why try to defend our beloved Bunvegas against the onslaught of the mighty 5 universities of Perth hording down upon our homeland like a giant swarm of Orcs bombarding the gates of Helm’s Deep (otherwise known as Australind)?  Why fight when there is no chance of victory?  Why train for hours in relentless drills and set pieces preparing for such an onslaught? Why, why why??? Well, we don’t actually know, but we did.

Twelve Education students of the South West campus of ECU put our hands up, and our time in, to train and then to compete in this year’s Western Uni Games held here in Bunbury during the semester break. It would be nice to write that we conquered all, but the scoresheet will only show that we consistently came in second for each of our games.  What the scoresheet doesn’t show, however, are the many moments where our team represented the heart of a Gladiator pushing for every goal, with determination, effort, fun and a whole lot of laughter.  We will not forget our final quarter against Murdoch University where we ran, passed, defended and shot with such inspiration, that the entire crowd watching on which represented the other teams of ECU Joondalup, UWA and Notre Dame were cheering our every intercept, every good move and yelling at every goal.  In that game, was our defining moment, we reached our highest score of 22!!!! We may have lost by quite a bit, but we were cheered off the court, any onlooker would have thought we’d won Olympic gold.

We did have an almighty enjoyable time. The competition was well organised and the games were at a high standard but good spirit. We had represented our campus well, the team had such a great attitude throughout and at the completion of the tournament we were emailed a message from the ECU Sports coordinator from Perth:

“We were honestly so glad to have you guys in the competition and we are so glad you guys had a fun week. You were by far the team that embraced the spirit of the games the most and we were proud to have you guys out there reaping such a good energy on behalf of ECU!”

We would like to give a big thank you to all those who assisted us along the way. There would have been no representatives from Bunbury again this year if it was not for the support of ECU South West campus Dean’s Office.


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