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Elvis Day

Thursday, 31 August 2017


Some people say Elvis is Dead, however the sceptics could have felt their claim “that he is still alive” validated, with several sightings at ECU’s South West Campus Friday, 11 September, 2017. As it turns out it was just Troy in his Elvis get up. Elvis and Priscilla, otherwise known as Troy (ECU Sport & Rec) and Jessica (Student Guild) cooked up a feast fit for the King on the BBQ near Kulbardi court.

Once again the weather threatened to railroad the event with blustery, wet conditions. The crowds however could not be held back as Students and Staff lined up to try some King Cake, Southern Style Grilled Corn and Elvis’ Toasted Sandwiches. (Yes, the ones made from Bacon, Banana and Peanut Paste; a surprisingly delicious combination).

Whilst no one stepped up to the microphone, Elvis’ golden tones could be heard ringing out interspersed with seldom heard interviews of Elvis during his career. Quite a few attempted the Elvis Trivia Quiz which Sarah Harvey won with an amazing 14 out of 15 correct answers – thank god for Google I say.


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