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Cosplay Day

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


On Monday, 4 September 2017 If you thought ECU South West’s campus resembled a Com Con event, then you’re pretty close to the mark. Students and Staff joined the South West Cosplay Community for “Cosplay Day” and took part in Muscular Dystrophy Australia’s “National Superhero Week”.

Some of the Characters on display were; Dragonslayer (Fairy Tail), Pikachu (Pokemon), Harley Quinn, Sans (undertale), Ursula (The little mermaid), Fisk (undertale), Batgirl, Brooker (one piece), Wonder Woman, Ironman, Kitara (Avatar: the last airbender), Rainbow Dash (my little pony), Spiderman and The Immortal Ironfist (Defenders).

Not only did this motley crew showcase their Cosplay garments and props, they also took part in the campus’ first ever ‘All Cosplay’ relay race. Competitors were required to; eat dry Wheatbix, do push ups, blow up balloons and race with a balloon between legs through an obstacle course; and yes, it was as funny as it sounds. Of course there was a bit of cheating going on (too many super villains present), so the clear winners are unknown.

Of course the real winners were our staff and students who got to witness it all as well as enjoy a superb lunch time BBQ and spread. Collectively, through online donations and lunch time contributions our campus raised over $195 much needed funds for MDA. MDA provides support to the 1 in every 625 Australian men, women and children affected by Muscular Dystrophy, through the provision of respite, education and training, information services, support groups and funding medical research. Our cause even made the cover of the Sept 7 South Western Times!

Thanks to all who contributed with their money, time and effort for this event. Special thanks go to: ECU Sport and Recreation Team, Jessica Healey (Guild), Jenna Collard, Jake Jury and the awesome South West Cosplay Community.


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