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Tony Lazzara

"As a manager, work/life balance is critical for me, and my team"

I have been working at ECU for over 20 years, and have been a manager of a team of people for most of that time. My philosophy is, and you would have heard it before, 'people should work to live, not live to work'. I make sure my team know that family comes first. I support flexible work options because I believe if you trust your team and give them the flexibility they require, then you will get so much more back, they will step up and put in more when it's needed, to get the work done.

I actually don't think about workplace flexibility anymore, its embedded into my life!  I prioritise my work, but also my family needs and my own health and mental well-being. I also expect this from my team. People in the teams I've managed have accessed part-time work to accommodate their life choices, be that caring for young children, loved ones or other reasons. Staff are able to work from different locations, such as a different campus, or even from home if needed.

Over the years ECU has been a great place to work. I believe the level of support and opportunities you get are fantastic, and available for all levels across the University.  Whether it be professional development, travel to attend conferences and increase your profile, or pursuing higher education, it's all here.

Manager, University Governance, Strategic and Governance Services

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