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ECU gets involved with VET research

ECU gets involved with VET research

Tuesday, 07 December 2010


ECU has recently been involved in a number of important events for Vocational Education and Training (VET) research. Held throughout November, the events included seminars, workshops and a tele-seminar, with the focus being on overcoming the dilemmas that VET researchers face today.

Vocational education and training in WA researchers 

As part of a series held across the nation, a seminar entitled ‘Vocational Education and Training in WA Researchers’ was held on Friday 5 November at ECU’s Mount Lawley Campus. The event was facilitated by Dr Llandis Barratt-Pugh from the School of Management, and was attended by staff from ECU’s Faculty of Business and Law, Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, and TAFE.

Presenting at the event was Dr Jane Figgis, whose varied background includes industrial chemistry, university lecturing and broadcasting, as well as VET research. She focused on the importance of developing good inquiry and interview skills, and her own personal research experiences.

Building research capacity 

November also saw ECU represented in the Building Research Capacity Workshop, a national research workshop for new researchers in VET, over a two-day seminar at Victoria University in Melbourne. The 17 participants in the program were in the process of completing a project and being published by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), and so the seminar was concerned with reviewing project progress and exploring research dilemmas.

Dr Barratt-Pugh, who directs activities for PhD and Masters by Research participants, believes that VET research is a growing area in WA, and that ECU’s support of the events provides further opportunities for expansion.

“The School of Management has supported local WA VET events for the past five years. It has gradually built a local network of VET researchers who have proposed to bring the national VET research conference to WA and ECU in 2013.”

He also said that ECU’s participation translated to leadership in the field: “Facilitating workshops for new VET researchers nationally positions ECU and the Faculty of Business and Law as a significant player in terms of VET research.”

More information 

For more information on the recent VET research events, contact:

Dr Llandis Barratt-Pugh


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