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Adjunct Professor Don Thomson


Professor Thomson is a Barrister and practicing Psychologist specialising in forensic matters.

Professor Thomson was a Foundation Professor of Psychology at Edith Cowan University during the period of 1994 to 1998. Prior to his appointment with Edith Cowan, Professor Thomson was an Associate Professor of Psychology at Monash University.

Professor Thomson has published extensively in a number of areas relevant to both Law and Justice. Those areas include eye witness testimony, children and intellectually disabled persons as witnesses, jury issues, mental illness and violence, juvenile corrections, profiling, self harm by prisoners, sentencing, the psychological dimensions of men's rea, and the "best interests" of the child (as it relates to family law, child protection and adoption).

Professor Thomson has also appeared as a Barrister in the Appeals Court (the Supreme Court of Victoria), the Supreme Court of Victoria, the County Court of Victoria, the Magistrates Court of Victoria, the Children's Court of Victoria and the Industrial Court of Victoria.

Staff qualifications

  • BA (Melb) MA PhD (Toronto) LLB (Monash);
  • Retired Professor of Psychology;
  • Professional Registered Psychologist (NSW and Victoria);
  • Barrister (Victorian Bar);
  • Trained Primary Teachers’ Cert (Ballarat).
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