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Investigating the transfer of non-technical skills in business graduates to the organisation. 

Despite significant efforts in developing non-technical skills, widely considered fundamental to graduate employability, universities are paying little attention to their subsequent transfer. Stakeholders largely assume these skills translate automatically to the workplace, neglecting the numerous influences on transfer across contexts.

Persistent gaps in certain non-technical graduate skills may be attributed to problems in transfer and not inadequate development. Using Accounting graduates as a case study, this study will examine the influence of certain factors on transfer and identify collaborative strategies for creating learning and workplace environments which enhance transfer, taking us one step closer to producing the elusive ‘work-ready’ graduate. 

Research questions

  • What factors influence, and how, the transfer of non-technical skills in Accounting graduates from university to the workplace?
  • To what extent does non-technical skill transfer impact on Accounting graduate employability?
  • What stakeholder strategies will assist in creating learning and workplace environments which better support and enhance transfer in Accounting graduates?   

Research methods

Qualitative (focus groups and structured interviews) and quantitative (structural equation modelling and multiple regression techniques)  


Dr Denise Jackson (Chief Investigator)
Associate Professor Terry De Jong (Mentor) 

Funding body 

Edith Cowan University – Early Career Researcher Grant 


March 2012 to March 2013

From university to the workplace: A pilot study.

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