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Study opportunities

Ten skills, three units, one program

ECU Business Edge is based on a framework that captures and reflects current employer preferences and priorities ensuring that ECU Business graduates meet the expectations of today's employers.

Employability skills and behaviours

  1. Working effectively with others
    Task collaboration, team working, social intelligence, cultural and diversity awareness, influencing others and conflict resolution.
  2. Communicating effectively
    Verbal communication, giving and receiving feedback, public speaking, meeting participation and written communication.
  3. Self-awareness
    Meta-cognition, lifelong learning and career management.
  4. Thinking critically
    Conceptualisation and evaluation.
  5. Analysing data and using technology
    Numeracy, technology and information management.
  6. Problem solving
    Reasoning, analysing, diagnosing and decision making.
  7. Developing initiative and enterprise
    Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, lateral thinking, creativity, initiative and change management.
  8. Self-management
    Self-efficacy, stress tolerance, work/life balance and self-regulation.
  9. Social responsibility and accountability
    Social responsibility, accountability, personal ethics and organisational awareness.
  10. Developing professionalism
    Efficiency, multi-tasking, autonomy, time management, drive, and goal & task management.

Key employability skill development

ECU Business Edge is a unique program of three sequential units that are core to the Bachelor of Business degree. They are treated as an integrated whole, so that employability skills can be taught, developed and refined along the entire length of the program.

The program responds to the voice of the employer through relevant content and innovative facilitation styles, which support and further develop the identified employability skills. Student-centred and team-based learning are integral to the program, as is emulating a business environment within the classroom. The Business Edge team continually strives to enhance the relevance of the program by consultation and interaction with the local business community.

ECU Business Edge units

There are three units in the Business Edge program. Refer to the ECU Handbook for further information on each unit.

BES1500 Business Communication and Analysis

  • Communicating effectively
  • Analysing data and using technology
  • Self-awareness

BES2500 Business Professionalism and Career Management

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Developing professionalism
  • Working effectively with others

BES3500 Business Capstone

  • Social responsibility & accountability
  • Problem solving
  • Thinking critically
  • Developing initiative and enterprise
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