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Thursday, 24 May 2012

  • SUPERVILLA - Economy

    SUPERVILLA - Economy

Artists Jessica Watson-Galbraith (WA) and Tor Lindstrand (Sweden) form Economy, an artistic partnership with a utopian dream, or nightmare depending on your point of view, a 'SUPERVILLA' made from a thousand shades of beige, their response to Western Australia’s economic upswing and its effects on the infrastructure and architecture of the state.

According to Economy, the increase in economic wealth is being used, not to build communities but to cover up the fact that they do not exist. With the displacement of work and wealth, ever-increasing privatization and degradation of public space, Perth can be read as our global contemporary condition on steroids.

With 'SUPERVILLA', Economy has produced a post-hippie, drop city kind of proposal, a housing project for sixteen hundred family members, less suburbia and more Thunderdome, one thousand shades of beige, the involuntary street-side architecture of mortgage and lattice choreographies.

'SUPERVILLA' runs from 29 May until 2 June at Spectrum Project Space.


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