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Student testimonials

Student testimonials

Thumbnail picture of Naomi Brockwell Thumbnail

"WAAPA handed all kinds of amazing opportunities to me on a silver platter."

Naomi Brockwell

WAAPA Classical Voice graduate

Thumbnail picture of Luke Arnold Thumbnail

"One of my favourite things about WAAPA was the wealth of various techniques and tools we were presented with."

Luke Arnold

ECU Acting graduate

Thumbnail picture of Dr John Ryan Thumbnail

"The atmosphere is innovative, interdisciplinary and connected to real world issues, and the research supervisors are experienced and encouraging."

Dr John Ryan

Communications PhD graduate

Thumbnail picture of Abbie-Lee Lewis Thumbnail

"WAAPA taught me the tricks of the trade that enabled me to pursue my love of theatre."

Abbie-Lee Lewis

Certificate IV in Theatre (Aboriginal) graduate

Thumbnail picture of Samuel Maxted Thumbnail

"WAAPA encouraged me to think globally."

Samuel Maxted

Tanz Company Innsbruck, Austria WAAPA Dance graduate

Thumbnail picture of George Donaldson Thumbnail

"The course has given me the knowledge I need to move forwards personally and professionally"

George Donaldson

Indigenous Australian Studies student

Thumbnail picture of Alex Biundo Thumbnail

"The practical experience will definitely help my teaching career."

Alex Biundo

Teacher Education graduate

Thumbnail picture of Stephan Bolaji Thumbnail

"As a student from Nigeria, my decision to study Education at ECU was strongly influenced by its international reputation and the recognition graduating from the University brings."

Stephan Bolaji

Education PhD graduate

Thumbnail picture of Trevis Mcinnerney Thumbnail

"ECU has opened my eyes to so many opportunities."

Trevis Mcinnerney

Indigenous University Orientation Course (IUOC) student

Thumbnail picture of Jordan Davenport Thumbnail

"I’m making valuable contacts within the Australian film industry."

Jordan Davenport

Writing graduate

Thumbnail picture of Anna Laverty Thumbnail

"I learnt everything I needed to know."

Anna Laverty

Freelance Producer and Engineer WAAPA Sound graduate

Thumbnail picture of Joana Ehmes Thumbnail

"I chose ECU because of their flexible courses."

Joana Ehmes

Fashion and Advertising student

Thumbnail picture of Elana Nicholson Thumbnail

"I was given the opportunity to work with the best professionals in the teaching field."

Elana Nicholson

Early Childhood Education graduate

Thumbnail picture of Ben Gubana Thumbnail

"The undergraduate broadcasting course is extremely practical."

Ben Gubana

Journalism and Broadcasting student

Thumbnail picture of Shannon May Thumbnail

"ECU’s practical experience put me in a good position to win a national teaching award."

Shannon May

Education graduate

Thumbnail picture of Emma Richardson Thumbnail

"ECU provides an amazing learning experience."

Emma Richardson

Design student

Thumbnail picture of Katherena Lambestos Thumbnail

"WAAPA’s arts management course made me work-ready."

Katherena Lambestos

Partnerships & Events Assistant at Opera Australia WAAPA Arts Management graduate

Thumbnail picture of Meg Mac Thumbnail

"I found a place where it was OK to sing every day..."

Meg Mac

ECU Contemporary Music graduate

Thumbnail picture of Hannah Dodds Thumbnail

"The in-classroom opportunities have been a great way to establish my own teaching style."

Hannah Dodds

Teacher Education graduate

Thumbnail picture of Jerome Davenport Thumbnail

"Throughout my three years at WAAPA I’ve learnt numerous techniques that have helped in my professional life as a freelance visual artist."

Jerome Davenport

ECU Props and Scenery graduate

Thumbnail picture of Joseph Heather Thumbnail

"My goal is to become a game concept artist."

Joseph Heather

Design student

Thumbnail picture of Travis Jeffery Thumbnail

"Every day was a new experience."

Travis Jeffery

WAAPA Acting graduate

Thumbnail picture of Michael Everett Thumbnail

"There are things you have to experience in a classroom to fully understand."

Michael Everett

Primary Education graduate

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