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Mr David Michel

Mr David Michel

Masters Project

Fibre laser linear cavity employing an Opto-VLSI.

The aim of my current research project is to design and develop a tunable fibre laser employing an Opto-VLSI in conjunction with an erbium doped fibre amplifier. This method of creating a fibre laser will aid in the telecommunications, spectroscopy and sensing industry fields. Also, this structure can scale to multiple laser ports, thus reducing the cost to manufacture laser sources, for example, for a WDM system. Since this device has no moving parts, it will be able to withstand a higher degree of environmental perturbations.


I graduated from ECU in 2008 and have a double degreeBEng(Communications) and BSc (Computer Science).



Masters Student
Mr David Michel
Joondalup Campus: Building 8, Room 8.118
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5146

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