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Mrs Nazme Ara Moushumy

Masters Project

Design and Development of nano-particles to reduce the reflection losses of solar cell

Solar cell panels suffer from reflective losses at the substrate/air interface due to the high index of refractions of the semiconductor materials of solar cell substrates (e.g., index of refractions on the order of 3.2 or more). Another source of optical losses is the collection of dust particles on top of the solar cell panel. Anti-reflective (AR) coatings or films offer one way to reduce the reflective losses at the substrate/air interface, thereby increasing the light transmittance through the coating/substrate interface leading to higher optical-to-electrical conversion efficiency.

In this project, we propose the design and development of new nano-patterned AR coatings based on the deposition of metallic nano-structures that simultaneously enhance optical transmission of solar cells, and resist the collection of relatively large dust particles through the nano-feature of AR coating patterns. Different materials and nano-particles/patterns will be designed and fabricated using the nano-fabrication facility of the Electron Science Research Institute.



Masters Student
Mrs Nazme Ara Moushumy
Joondalup Campus: Building 8, Room 8.108
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5146

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