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Research grants for Melanoma Group

Friday, 23 September 2011

Head of melanoma research at ECU, Associate Professor Ziman and Professor Michael Millward (UWA) received a $264,182 grant from the NHMRC to support their project entitled, The transcriptional profile of a metastatic circulating melanoma cell. With the funds from this grant they will study the genetic makeup of circulating melanoma cells in the hope of finding the clue to what makes cells become metastatic.

Other Recent Grants


  • ECU-Industry Collaboration Grant Scheme: Monitoring conditions that induce melanoma in mine employees in WA. M. Ziman, R. Pearce, Newcrest Mining, $40 000.


  • ECU Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG). Novel Atomic Force Microscope System for Cutting-Edge Biological and Engineering Research. Z. Xhi, M. Ziman, G. Verdile, A. Devine. $160,000.
  • CaPCREU M. Ziman, M. Millward The use of Circulating Melanoma Cells to Monitor Treatment Efficacy in Patients with Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma. $17,280
  • NHMRC equipment grant $10,000 R. Martins, G. Verdile, M. Ziman
  • ARC LIEF Grant (No: LE100100217) In-Vivo Multispectral and X-ray Micro-CT Imaging: Founding a Western Australian Small Animal Imaging Core Facility, Sampson, Clode, Collin, Constable, Degli-Esposti, Dunlop, Klinken, Laing, Leedman, Marshall, McMenamin, Murphy, Phillips, Rigby, Sharman, Stumbles, St Pierre,Trinajstic, Wacey, Waring, Watson, Yeoh, Zheng, Ziman, Mamo, Price, Gottardo, Kees. $648,352
  • Lotterywest: M. Ziman, Huntington’s WA, Environmental enrichment to improve quality of life for patients with Huntington’s disease. $380,000.


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