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Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B

We require all students to be appropriately immunised against the Hepatitis B disease for clinical practice placement.

Evidence of immunity

If you are in the process of completing your Hepatitis B vaccination program and have had the first 2 vaccines, you may submit your documentation with a covering letter indicating your progress through this immunisation, the date you are booked for your final vaccination and follow up serology test.

You will then be responsible to provide evidence of the completion of your hepatitis B vaccinations plus follow up serology 4 weeks after your third vaccine.

If you have never received vaccinations for Hepatitis B, this needs to be a priority as the full vaccination program takes 6 months to complete.

The vaccination schedule is as follows:

  • First vaccine - At any given time;
  • Second vaccine - At least one month after the first dose;
  • Third vaccine - Six months after the first dose; and
  • Serology 4 weeks after the third vaccine to prove immunity.

If you are not immune

You will require a booster of the vaccine if you have low or no immunity, to protect your clients and yourself against risk. Plus, follow up serology 4 weeks after the booster.

This will be discussed and planned with you by your doctor.

For more information about Hepatitis B, see our disease types web page.

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