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WA Health National Criminal History record check

WA Health National Criminal History record check

It is a mandatory requirement that all students obtain a Western Australia national criminal history record check prior to attending a clinical placement in a health facility.

This is in addition to the other police screening requirements.


  • A WA Health National Criminal History Record Check application form is in your Duty of Care Package or can be found on the forms web page.
  • Complete and sign the form.
  • Enclose your $33 money order or cheque.
  • Post to:
    The Criminal Records Screening Office
    WA Health
    Locked Bag 60
    Perth Business Centre
    WA 6849
  • Your card may take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive.


  • You are required to provide your current proof of identity and 100 points of identification.
  • Refer to the form for further information on proof of identity requirements.


A payment of $33 is required and can only be made by posting a money order or cheque with the application.

If students have a recent and valid National Police Certificate they are eligible to apply for a WA National Criminal History Record Check at a discounted cost. To apply for the discounted card, students must forward a copy of their National Police Certificate with the completed WA National Criminal History Record Check application form.


Your clearance card is valid for 3 years. Students are required to display their clearance card clearly at all times whilst on clinical practice.

When to apply/reapply

Apply before the end of first semester in first year for undergraduate and master students.

If your period of enrolment extends beyond 3 years, you will need to reapply once your expiry date is near. A current card is always required for clinical practice.


Once you have received your clearance bring take it to your School Co-ordinator for Clinical Placement to be sighted and copied. A copy will be placed in your file as evidence of your Working with Children clearance.

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