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Whether you want to work in the mining and energy industry, agriculture, tourism, nursing or science, ECU South West offers a variety of courses to explore and help you reach your potential.  Our dedicated staff consists of industry professionals who are considered leaders in their field. All of our staff engage closely with professions and the local community to discover new ways to improve your learning journey and are committed to passing their knowledge and skills onto their students.

Our facilities include a modern library, internet wireless area coverage, printing facilities, the Co-Op Shop, student accommodation, student common room, campus café, and other amenities. There are three computer labs with broadband Internet and 24-hour access. A Digital Media Lab runs software associated with digital photography and graphic design.

We also offer smaller classes and a relaxing environment for learning and socialising. Students living outside the immediate Bunbury vicinity can enjoy on-campus accommodation, discounted public transport and a variety of support services and resources, delivered on-campus, online and over the telephone.

With such specialist disciplines and diverse course offerings, we ensure plenty of opportunities for creative and intellectual growth. Our students gain practical and theoretical knowledge and by applying a hands on approach to learning we promise that your time at ECU South West will equip you for all types of experiences in the working world.

Whichever path you choose, we look forward to being a part of your education journey as you reach your potential.

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